Martin Hawksey (JISC CETIS Learning Technology Advisor) blogs on his Creative Solutions with Google Products session.

Sarah Horrigan (Learning Technologies Manager at the University of Sheffield) collates GEUG12 posts, videos etc on Storify.

Alan Cann (Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester) blogged about his experience presenting via Hangouts on Air.

Sarah Horrigan also blogged about the highlights of her GEUG12 experience.  Sarah has a nice precis of some of the
    key sessions from the conference. 

Brian Kelly from UKOLN chaired the panel discussion at GEUG12. Brian has written this UK Web Focus blog post on his impressions of the GEUG12 event, the wider strategic role of the institutional web team, and the importance of aligning IT services to user expectations.

Teresa MacKinnon (Senior E-Learning Tutor at the University of Warwick) collates GEUG12 posts, videos etc on Storify. 

Simon Thomson (Head of E-Learning at Leeds Metropolitan University) writes about his experience of GEUG12 on Storify.

Here's a blog post on talking about how we crowdsourced the geug12 programme. This looks at the stats summary produced by Google Docs Forms, and presents a summary of the stats we collected from delegate registrations. There's also a rudimentary analysis of the hot topics and trends revealed by the stats, and some further info about speakers at the event.

Teresa MacKinnon also blogged about her GEUG12 experience, in particular the "Sad Google chap" (William Florance: this means you!) who successfully managed to present Google as the underdog.