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Using App Engine and Google Apps as a CMS

Ed Crewe, IT Services R&D - University of Bristol, UK

Google Apps provides a range of large scale targeted CMS solutions, via Google Docs, Blogger, Sites, YouTube, Picasa, Circles, Calendar etc. that enable collaborative content creation. App Engine, whilst not designed to act as a CMS itself - is ideal as a rapid application development / deployment environment (on to a global infrastucture) - to knit together these CMS components to provide custom website or web application solutions powered by Apps.

Using GAE and Google Apps as a CMS

This talk runs through the basics of App Engine and how it can leverage Apps to create bespoke solutions - an example personal website. This is followed by a brief outline of Google’s RESTful data APIs and protocol standards for integration of its 50 or so Apps. Finally a quick look at the site, which I rather hastily threw together a year ago, to trial this approach! The idea behind it was to test the water that perhaps bespoke CMS software - especially locally hosted - is becoming an outdated approach. Most CMS features are available from cloud hosted provider’s components, can such cloud mash ups provide as customised and integrated, a user experience - at a lower cost?