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Open Mic Session

Orchestrating Google Apps with GlueGapps
Martin Hamilton, Loughborough University, UK

"In this talk I'll show you how we can use BPEL to draw maps of our business processes 

that turn into executable code via the Google APIs.  Slides are at:, and you can find out more by following +GlueGapps on Google+"

A Google App Engine Approach to Audience Response
Manish Malik, University of Portsmouth, UK

Manish introduced the smart/mobile phone based system being considered for a trial at the University of Portsmouth which we used later for audience feedback in the open house session - for more information, see
Fast Tracking Feedback using Google Docs/Google Apps Script
Martin Hawksey,, UK

"In this talk I’ll demonstrate the Fast Tracking Feedback System developed for Loughborough College (LSIS grant funded). The system uses Google Spreadsheets and Documents to improve consistency and speed up the delivery of student feedback. Using custom interfaces created in Google Apps Script tutors enter grades/feedback into a Google Spreadsheet. The information is then used to generate individual and personalised feedback sheets shared to students as Google Documents."

Inclusive Learning and Google Apps
Shirley Evans, JISC TechDis

"There has been a lot of interest recently about Google apps and accessibility issues and Google are moving forward with improvements. What is also of interest is the extent to which the use of Google apps can promote inclusive and personalised learning."